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Can you name the animals hinted with just three words?

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Forced Order
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Billy, Beard, Nanny
Garfield, Siamese, Whiskers
Alvin, Chip, Acorn
Donald, Howard, Bill
Desert, Acme, Beep
Milk, Clarabelle, Beef
Silverback, Fossey, Magilla
Pouch, Joey, Box
King, Mane, Cowardly
Wise, Hoot, Tyto
Pink, Florida, Casino
Blitzen, Siberia, Games
Easter, Lop, Roger
Saddle, Clydesdale, Jockey
Jaws, Pool, Goblin
America, Bald, Philadelphia
Slow, Toed, Trees
Emperor, Tuxedo, Waddle
Trunk, Memory, Dumbo
Fink, Rod, Rizzo
Bullwinkle, Canada, Antlers
Gobble, Pardon, Ankara
Neck, Geoffrey, Rothschild
Babe, Pink, Oink
Spit, Groove, Peru
Flipper, Miami, Bottlenose
Nile, Smile, Reptile
Bark, Spaniel, Iditarod
Cheese, Jerry, Mickey
Dam, Bucky, Eager
Slither, Pungi, Venom
Proud, Plumage, NBC
Sly, Fantastic, Vivica

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