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Can you name my bias and bias wreckers based off of the clue?

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(EXO & my UB) teddy bear dancing machine
(EXO) vocalist who is sometimes satan
(EXO) leader who is now a single mother
(BTS) the golden maknae
(BTS) vocalist with deep voice and 4D personality
(Monsta X) main vocalist whose dancing smells
(Monsta X) maknae who looks like the oldest
(SHINee) dibidibidis flaming charisma
(SHINee) dancing maknae
(Infinite) visual who should be appreciated for more than his looks
(Infinite) maknae and member of Infinite F
(BlackPink) grew up in Australia and has magic hair
(BlackPink) went to school in New Zealand
(Twice) main vocalist with bright personality
(Up10tion) face of the group
(Seventeen) child actor and part of China Line
(Seventeen) vocal unit; once dressed up as a priest for Halloween
(Nu'est) angelic onibugi leader; was on Produce 101
(Nu'est) maknae hyung from LA
(B.A.P.) vocalist not to be confused with got7's
(GOT7) part of JJ Project and recently went through a name change
(SF9) really tall visual who played a jock in Click Your Heart
(Pentagon) boy from China who has never had a girlfriend
(Pentagon) very short main vocalist with voice of God
(KNK) one of the youngest but also the leader
(KNK) 'short' maknae
(Day6) leader and main vocalist
(Astro) visual who has one of the prettiest faces in kpop
(VIXX) leader and main dancer
(Mamamoo) main vocalist; on WGM with Eric Nam
(B1A4) leader with same name as another bias of mine
(Victon) tall vocalist; sad giraffe
(Cross Gene) leader with a blossoming acting career
(A.C.E.) main vocalist and leader; was on ICSYV Season 4 with H.O.T. as guests

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