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Can you name the characters on True Blood?

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New bartender at Fangtasia; adept at golf for Wii
Heroine's best friend; paid for two fake exorcisms
Former sheriff of Bon Temps; ready for retirement
Pays the first fangbanger victim to let him bite her; lives in nest
Birthmother of shapeshifter; mooch
Human employee at Fangtasia; glamoured one too many times
Forever a virgin; hates the taste of Tru Blood
Maenad; liked to party
Turned in 800 B.C.; King of Mississippi
Turned in 1077; can fly
Gay; vampire-napped and eventually staked
Heroine; telepath
Mysterious new love interest of Bon Temps ladies' man; engaged to a jerk
Birthfather of shapeshifter; drunk
Punisher for all vampire offenses; harsh sentences
Owner of town bar; shapeshifter
Flamboyant; hamburgers come with lettuce, tomato, and AIDS
Father murdered by vampires; Fellowship of the Sun leader
Redhead; young daughter of Merlotte's waitress
Coroner's assistant; closeted fangbanger
Alpha-Were in biker gang; works for King of Mississippi
2,000 years old; Sheriff of Area 9
Oldest vampire in nest; former lover of Jerry
Former lover and maker of war veteran vampire; the jealous type
Overbearing mother; town busy-body
Fake exorcist; fake hair
First fangbanger victim; ridiculous name
Lover of the King of Mississippi; decorator/chef
Brother of Gran; pedophile
Brother of shapeshifter; is a shifter himself
Ladies man of Bon Temps
Formerly in foster care; food-related name
Trashy and seductive vampire; lives in nest
V-addict and drainer; deceased
Lieutenant of the sheriff of Area 9; has a human boyfriend
Coroner; orgy participant
Former alcoholic; close to Jesus
Well-dressed; wife of Fellowship of the Sun leader
Deputy sheriff; gives Heroine's best friend a DUI
War veteran; Merlotte's line cook
Private-eye; obsessed with heroine's best friend
Manservant; supplied towels
Former alcoholic; police detective
Blonde; young son of Merlotte's waitress
Opposed to vampires 'coming out of the coffin'; lieutenant of sheriff of Area 9
Bohemian V-addict; vampire-napper
Bouncer at Fangtasia; quite lazy
Former bartender at Fangtasia; staked for stealing
Cousin of heroine; human lover of Queen of Louisiana
Mayor of Bon Temps; finds a photo of the DGD's guest speaker
'Cajun'; fangbanger murderer
Had children Sarah and Thomas in 1800s; lost husband in the War (he turned vampire)
Queen of Louisiana; yahtzee-enthusiast
Trainer of the Soldiers of the Sun; attempts to rape heroine
Gossip/Waitress; single mother of two
Member of the DGD; takes pride in her home
Orderly at nursing home; hot
Fellow telepath; former employee of Hotel Carmilla
Works the road crew; in love with a vampire
Regular at Merlotte's, cuts off her own finger
Drainer and wife of V-addict; deceased
Clumsy waitress at Merlotte's; shapeshifter
Second fangbanger victim; hot waitress
Suicide bomber; rival of Bon Temps lothario
Turned in 1865; war veteran
Traitor/boyfriend of a female vampire; claustrophobic
Full-blooded Were; hates Lou Pines
Spokesperson for AVL; high-level bureaucrat
Former lover of the Were who hates Lou Pines; V-addict

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