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DirectorFilmInternational Grossing
Roland Emmerich$817,400,891
The Coen Brothers$161,128,228
Stanley Kubrick$191,000,000
Peter Jackson$1,119,110,941
Gore Verbinski$1,091,345,358
Chris Columbus$974,733,550
Michael Moore$222,446,882
James Cameron$2,550,560,068
David Fincher$333,932,083
Francis Ford Coppola$245,066,411
Quentin Tarantino$320,351,773
Martin Scorcese$289,847,354
DirectorFilmInternational Grossing
Christopher Nolan$1,022,345,358
Steven Spielberg$914,691,118
M. Night Shyamalan$672,806,292
Paul Thomas Anderson$76,100,000
Guy Ritchie$468,826,040
George Lucas$848,754,768
Michael Bay$835,274,255
Robert Zemeckis$677,387,716
Ron Howard$758,239,851
Steven Soderbergh$450,717,150
Tim Burton$411,360,000
Sam Raimi$890,871,626

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