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Defender of Chivalry (Timely Rain)
Jade Unicorn
The Wizard
Dragon in the Clouds
Big Halberd
Panther Head
Two Rods
Lesser Li Guang
Small Whirlwind
Heaven Soaring Eagle
Beautiful Beard
Tattooed Monk
Pilgrim (Tiger Slayer)
General Two Spears
Featherless Arrow
Blue-Faced Beast
Metal Lancer
Urgent Vanguard
Marvellous Traveler
Red-Haired Demon
Black Whirlwind (Iron Ox)
Nine Dragons
Winged Tiger
Turbulent River Dragon
Ferocious Giant
Boat Flame
Recklessly Rash
White Streak in the Waves
Devil Incarnate
The Pallid
The Rash
Two-Headed Snake
Twin-Tailed Scorpion
The Prodigy
Miraculous Strategist
Suppressor of Three Mountains
Sickly General
Ugly Son-in-Law
Wild Dog
Ever-Victorious General
Eyes of Heaven General
Water General
Fire General
Master Hand
Ironclad Virtue
Golden Wings Brushing the Clouds
Red-eyed Lion
Elegant Tiger
Elegant Panther
Heaven-Shaking Thunder
Magic Calculator
Little Duke
Second Rengui
Magic Doctor
Purple Beard
Stumpy Tiger
Ten Feet of Steel
God of Death
Demon King who Roils the World
The Comet
The Flaming Star
Eight-Armed Nezha
Flying Divinity
Jade-Armed Craftsman
Magic Flutist
Dragon from the Cave
River-Churning Clam
Jade Flagpole
Long-Armed Ape
Gorge-Leaping Tiger
White Spotted Snake
Fair Faced Gentleman
Nine-Tailed Tortoise
Iron Fan
Iron Throat
Flowery-Necked Tiger
Arrow-Struck Tiger
Slightly Restrained
Demon Carver
Guardian of the Clouds
Sick Tiger
Golden-Eyed Tiger Cub
Tiger Fighting General
Little King
Gold-Coin Spotted Leopard
Demon Face
Dragon from the Forest
One-Horned Dragon
Dry Land Crocodile
Smiling Tiger
Iron Arm
Single Blossom
Hell's Summoner
Black-Eyed Tiger
The Merciless
Stone General
Little General
The Tigress
Vegetable Gardener
The Witch
Spirit of the Dangerous Road
Daylight Rat
Flea on a Drum
Golden Dog

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