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Hint for the kind SirCare to guess?
Symbolizes eternal life, but may also resemble a heron in its delicate majesty.
Stuck between two worlds they are also described as rowdy warrior types prone to heavy drinking and other primal excesses, which often brought them into conflict with their more cu
Incredible powers of seduction, date back at least 3,000 years, and reports were still common up until the discovery of the New World by Europeans
Breathe fire or shoot deadly poison from their nostrils, they've also inspired many a young warrior to take up arms, bravely
God of the sea, and the monster Medusa, sometimes white, sometimes white with gold wings and sometimes gold all over.
Multi-headed, poisonous blood and breath so bad it could kill a man.
Symbol of purity and goodness and the personification of untamed freedom
From the Greek meaning 'she-goat'
Quadruped with the foreparts of an eagle and the rear, tail and hindquarters of a lion.
Called the elder gods; they were of enormous size, and beared incredible strength.
Hint for the kind SirCare to guess?
Creatures who looked like men, but had the hooves and feet as well as the tails of goats.
Were odd looking creatures who had features of a bird from the waist down and a body of a woman from the waist up.
Sometimes with the head of a bull and the body of a man or, conversely, with the body of a bull and the head of a man.
Is a long leafed (nearly a foot long, and 6' wide) dark green plant with small greenish-yellow or purple bell-shaped flowers that drow on 3-4' stalks. The flowers eventually fruit
Tall as mountains and so strong as to be unbeatable. According to Apollodorus, their shaggy hair drooped from their heads and chins, and they had dragon scales on their feet.
Most poisonous creature on earth. His appearance has always been a matter of dispute since there is no way to see it.
Beautiful enchantress but her body is that of an animal which has the claws of a cat in its front legs and a cow’s cloven hooves at the back.
A bird of enormous size, bulky body and wide wings, flying in the air; and it was this that concealed the body of the sun and veiled it from the sun.
Largest and most grotesque of all creatures that have ever lived. He was so tall that he towered over the highest mountains, and his head often brushed the stars.
A giant sea monster. According to stories this huge, many armed, creature looked like an island when motionless and could reach as high as the top of a sailing ship's main mast wit

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