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Robert Redford offers a man in a casino a million dollars to sleep with his wife.
A look inside the life of a group of bored high-society kids
Michelle Pfeiffer brings poetry to a school of inner-city kids
Sharon Stone gives us an eyefull
Ralph Fiennes must avenge his wife's wrongful death
Antonio Banderas is seduced by a femme fatale.
A girl discovers her dark supernatural powers.
Patrick Swayze teaches a young girl how to move.
Ewan McGregor relives the stories of his father's life.
A black sheriff is hired to shake up a western town.
Ben Affleck falls for a lesbian
Arnold Schwarzenegger tracks down the terrorists that killed his family.
An immortal, Tim Burton-y Johnny Depp comes back to life in the 1970s.
An apocalyptic wave threatens to wipe out civilization.
Young Katie Holmes is a rebellious teen.
John Travolta discovers that Vince Vaughn is a dangerous stepfather
Ashley Judd is framed for her husband's murder.
Brooke Shields' boyfriend sets her house ablaze to prove his devotion.
Alicia Silverstone stages her own kidnapping.
Glenn Close boils Michael Dougls' bunny.
Passengers on an aircraft discover their impending demise.
Johnny Depp plays the creator of Peter Pan.
Barbra Streisand is an off-beat showgirl.
Nic Cage babysits a former first lady.
Lindsay Lohan swaps Africa for Girl World
Sean Penn's daughter is killed.
Mary Tyler Moore mourns the loss of her favorite son.

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