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Can you name the Friends character by their cause of death?

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Cause of DeathCharacter
Killed self/ killed by a drug dealer
Falls down an elevator shaft
Well he got sick, and then he got sicker, and then he got a little better, but then he died*
Old age, but a kiss from Ross briefly brings her back to life
While banging a broom on the ceiling
Hit by a blimp*
Rachel pulls too hard and breaks her in half
Bent down to get some yogurt at the supermarket and just never came back up
Cause of DeathCharacter
Hit by a cab after leaving work
Cursed after Phoebe went to the dentist*
Thrown from a horse into an electric fence
They didn't die, they were taken to a special farm (it's a shame you can't visit there)
Coronary embolism, but she is still able to talk to Joey from beyond the grave
While getting a massage, but her spirit lives briefly in Phoebe's body
Hit by an ice cream truck and dragged for nineteen blocks

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