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First Secretary-General of United Nations
First UN Deputy Secretary-General
First President of USA
First President of the Republic of China
First Prime Minister of Britan
Pakistan's first Governor-General
First Ethnic-Indian Prime Minister of Fiji
First American President to visit India
First Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister to visit India
First European invader of Indian soil
First man to go into space
First man to walk in space
First space tourist
First man to set foot on the Moon
First man to fly an aeroplane
First man to reach North pole
First man to reach South pole
First man to climb Mount Everest
First man to climb Mount Everest twice
First blind man to scale Mount Everest
First person to sail around the world
First deaf and dumb to cross the Strait of Gibralter
First European to visit China
First man to draw the map of Earth
First man to compile encyclopaedia
First man to win nobel prize for Literature
First man to win Nobel prize for Peace
First man to win Nobel prize for Physics
First man to win Nobel prize for Chemistry
First man to win Nobel prize for Medicine
First man to win Nobel prize for Economics
First and only black man ever to win singles Wimbledon Trophy
First Asian to head the International Cricket Council
First man to hit double century in One Day International Match

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