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First member of the second viennese school?
Religion of the above composer?
Above composer was very close with and saw him off to NY?
Got the idea of developing variation from?
Piece that follows a werewolf's adventures under moonlight?
Above composer starting using this method during WWI.
Eroticism and Death?
Provided the connection between new and old art?
This group published a book on painting using pure color and distortion.
First atonal opera?
The above opera was written by?
The composer from the second viennese school with a PHD in music history?
A critic wrote about these men, not the russian five but the..
Wrote the Creation of the World (Ballet)
Was the guiding spirit behind russian ballet?
Who wrote Firebird, Petrushka, and Le Sacre du Printemps?
Which depicted a prehistoric russian tribe?
The first performance, because of the choreography, caused?
Stravinsky never wrote..
When a pitch center is determined by other means?
Hungarian composer with classical and modern influences?
The above composer went out to find and record?
This composer was german and taught at Yale?
He wrote gebrauchmusick, or ?
He was a student of Rimsky-Korsekof?
Ideal for Soviet Arts?
Led the Russians in defending the native homeland?
Sneaky composer in the Soviet Union who wrote ironic and satiric symphonies?
Performed in the first cabaret?
Wrote popular tunes and classical music in America?
Named after hearing all the sounds of composers and lyricists showing off?
Truly independent American composer that worked selling insurance?
Started indeterminancy?
Belief in the individual?
French composer with classical training who was interested in transcribing bird song?
Composer that cared about the audience and what they wanted to hear?
Wrote Structures for Piano, using total serialization, and is french?
Process of creating a series, doing something to create a new series?
Wrote Philomel?
Greater indeterminancy music is often called?
Well known for arias and percussion music?
Wrote the collage Black Angels?
Style using reduced elements?
Wrote clapping music?
Wrote spiritual minimalism?

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