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Can you name the European football team logos? (description)?

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DescriptionTeam NameLeague
A circle. The name of the team written in black in the top left and the place where the team's based in the bottom right. An outline of a man with a hat occupies the centre.Eredivisie
A yellow circle with a black circle inside it. A capital 'Y' and 'B' are inside with a small yellow star on top.Swiss Axpo Super League
A sort of oval shape but the top of the oval is created by a bat. The team name is in a blue box below the bat and horizontal red and yellow lines are below that. Liga BBVA
A blue circle with another one inside. In the inner circle is a blue ball with a red lion in it.Scottish Premier League
A square with a curved bottom line. The name is written at the top with the other half written at the bottom. There is a yellow circle in the middle with two red bulls either side.Austrian Bundesliga
A gold lined shape. There's a strip following the line on the left and right sides. A thin white strip follows the strip aswell. There's a gold cannon with the teams name above.Barclays Premier League
A red circle with the teams name written in it. Inside the red circle is another circle with blue and white diamonds inside.Bundesliga
A green diamond with a white 'W' inside.Bundesliga
All the icons are based within an imaginary circle. A blue lion is on the right side looking west. The name of the club is on the top left. Below that are red lines.Danish Superliga
A blue circle with a big capital blue 'M' inside it and sticking out the top and bottom. A yellow star is on top of the circle and a phrase written in yellow is at the bottom.Ligue 1
DescriptionTeam NameLeague
A yellow circle with an 'M' 'F' and 'C' inside the circle. There's a blue diagonal line from top left in the circle, behind the interlocking letters. A crown on top aswell.Liga BBVA
A blue circle filled in white. Within the white is a blue oval with an 'S' and the numbers '04' written in white.Bundesliga
A blue cockerel with a white head stands on a blue leather ball. The team's name is at the bottom.Barclays Premier League
A three sided shape with curved sides. Within the shape is an 'F' 'C' and 'B'. The fill of the shape is half red and blue. A ball on the left and a star at the top.Swiss Axpo Super League
A blue circle with a white one inside it. In the blue circle are two red roses (on the sides). The teams name is in the circle. In the middle circle is a blue lion.Barclays Premier League
A diamond turned on its side. A white diagonal strip is in the diamond and above and below it are two red ones. In the centre of the shape is a white 'C' and a football.Russian Premier League
A rectangular sort of shape. A white horse occupies the centre and the background is a red leather football. The teams name is in white at the top. Eredivisie
A blue circle with a yellow one inside. A blue 'D' occupies the yellow circle. In the blue circle is the team name in russian (white lettering).Ukrainian Premier League
A green lined circle with another green lined circle inside. In the inside circle is a four leaf clover and it also has a green outline. The team name is in the outer circle.Scottish Premier League
A circle split by a diagonal line from the bottom left. In the top left half are red and white squares and in the other half is a blue background with a lower case 'd' in white.Croatian First League

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