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Can you name the Harry Potter spells by incantation?

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SpellsBook Hint
summons an object4-7
creates a beam of light1-7
unforgiveable curse: killing curse4-7
unforgiveable curse: curse of torture, inflicts pain4-7
unforgiveable curse: gives caster control over target4-7
opens locked doors1-7
levitates objects1-7
used when fighting a boggart3
stunning spell1-7
shield charm1-7
body-bind curse1-7
memory charm2, 7, attempted use by Lockhart
slowing down oncoming objects4-7
used to disarm opponent2-7
used to produce a patronus3-7
produces a jet of water from the caster's wand6
magnifies spellcaster's voice4, 7
extinguishes light from a wand2-7
creates cuts on the target's body6, invented by half-blood prince
tickling charm2
conjures birds4
cuts or rips objects, severing charm4, 5 used by Harry to cut open Cedric's bag
dangles person upside down by ankle in midair6, invented by half-blood prince
creates bandage/splint3, used by Lupin on Ron
SpellsBook Hint
leg-locker curse1, used by Draco on Neville
creates a duplicate of an object7, used by Hermione to duplicate locket
makes object hard7, used by Hermione to turn tapestry to stone
starts a fire4, 6
causes teeth of recipient to grow at alarming rate4, used by Malfoy on Hermione
makes victim's legs dance uncontrollably2, 5
blasting curse, causes object to explode7, used by Harry and Hermione or 4-7
sends thick ropes to wrap around target5, 6
reveals human presence in vicinity7, used by Hermione in Grimmauld Place
causes conjured objects to attack6, used when Hermione sent birds at Ron
causes stairs to flatten to a ramp/slide7
siphons off material from a surface6-7
lauches small objects through the air3, used by Lupin on Peeves
clears target's airway, if choking6, used by Slughorn on Belby
create fiery marks with caster's wand5, to mark doors in Ministry
makes invisible ink appear2, used on Riddle's diary
levitates and moves bodies3, used by Sirius on Snape
glues victim's tongue to his/her mouth6, created by half-blood prince
used to heal minor injuries, like a nose4, 6
gouging spell (on stone, steel, etc.)7, used to get out of Gringotts
conjures the dark mark4
closes/seals a door5, used in department of mysteries
halts a spell that is causing rain7

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