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What is Beautiful is good, attractive people seen as sociable, popular, intellectual, successfull, etc. Replicates across cultures.
Hypothesis that threat of legal punishment causes people to refrain from criminal activity as long as the punishment is perceived as relatively severe, certain, and swift
Natural Selection operating on characteristics that contribute to an organism's mating success but not necessarily to their survival
People Consider both reward and value of a choice and the likelihood of actually being successful with it. (attainable becomes valued)
longing, arousal, deep fulfillment if reciprocates, despair if not reciprocated, usually sexual level, type of love
intimacy and commitment, caring deeply about someone, feeling intimacy and affection, degree of comfort associate with it
the goal is to understand human mind/brain mechanisms, survival and reproductive variations
when homo sapiens came to be, people started existing. if we can figure out how the world was then, we can reason out why we are the way we are
intimacy, passion, and commitment, most complete love
infatuation, physical attraction, sexual drives
behavior intended to hurt someone to his/her face
easy to get close to others, no worrying about abandonment, happy, friendly, trusting relationships. responsive caregiver
seek intimacy but worry that others won't reciprocate or stay, emotional highs and lows, leads to passionate, short lived relationships, obsession, jealousy, love at first sight, e
passion and commitment
frustration leads to negative feelings which leads to aggression if situation calls for it
hurtful behavior that stems from angry feelings
liking, feelings of closeness, connectedness, emotional investment (caring for a person)
empty love, decision that you love someone, to maintain relationship
familiarity, more you are exposed to something the more you like it
best predictor of whether 2 people will be friends
intimacy and passion
uncomfortable getting close, jealousy, fear of intimacy, angers easily, expects the worst from people, relatively brief, not very emotional sexual encounters, negligent caregiver
I'm dating a beautiful person, I must be awesome, self esteem reward for being associated with beautiful people
hurting someone to accomplish some other goal, goal is something other than causing pain
internal behavior aimed at doing harm or causing pain to another person, intentional
sharing of feelings, different levels of depth, for expression, self-clarification, self control, relationship development
attempt to hurt someone without obvious face to face conflict

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