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Who was the first person to ever talk on Glee?Pilot
What was the name of the lady on the plaque?Pilot
What color shirt was Mercedes wearing during her audition?Pilot
What flavor slushie did Puck first throw in Rachel's face Pilot
What excuse did Rachel use when Quinn asked why Finn was talking to her?Pilot
When Will blackmailed Finn, what did the poster say in his office?Pilot
What does Rachel call Finn when he helps her with her suitcase?Showmance
What does Emma clean for an hour when she helps Will clean a classroom?Showmance
What drink does Rachel bring to her and Finn's first date?Showmance
Why does Dakota Stanley cut Artie?Acafellas
What does Josh Groban give Sandy?Acafellas
What does Sue call Emma when she is talking about the over night ratings?Preggers
What does Jacob Ben Israel want Rachel to show him?The Rhodes Not Taken
What color were the pills Terri gave Finn?Vitamin D
What does Terri give Quinn in place of the Vitamin D pills?Vitamin D
What color panties are the first pair of panties Rachel gave Jacob?Throwdown
What did Ken have to have removed?Mash-up
What subject does Emma not have a pamphlet on?Mash-up
What does Artie teach the New Directions to do on a wheelchair?Wheels
How many stars were there on the tie Rachel gave Mr. Schue?Ballad
What color was the pepper Susie Pepper ate?Ballad
What wallpaper did Finn have?Ballad
What magazine named Sue cheer leading coach of the decade?Hairography
What was Artie's wig?Hairography
Who said, 'Sue, did someone finally punch you?'Mattress
Name one of the clubs Rachel was in.Mattress
What did Quinn slip on when she fell?Sectionals
What destination is the Sue Sylvester Express going to?Sectionals
What did Finn say he circled dates on?Hell-O
Finish the quote; 'I'm not just some guy in the music store your can just blow off. _ ____ ____ __ ____ ____.'Hell-O
What word being said aloud makes Sue feel powerful?The Power of Madonna
Who was Quinn drawing in her notebook?The Power of Madonna
What is Mercedes worried will happen if she wears a Cheerios skirt?Home
What did Kurt eat for lunch?Home
What food did Mercedes see Rachel as?Home
How many points did Finn have on the Glist?Bad Reputation
What did Sue call Will?Bad Reputation
What nickname did Puck give himself?Laryngitis
Name one of the people that weren't singing.Laryngitis
What does Finn wish he had? :) Laryngitis
Finish the lyric; 'I wanna tell her that _ ____ ___ ___ ___ ____ __ ________ ____.'Laryngitis
What did Puck write down as his dream?Dream On
What was the second look Brittany suggested for Tina?Theatricality
What animal was Brittany's headpiece?Theatricality
What did Quinn think was a sensible birth control option? Funk
How old was Puck when he gave his first wedgie?Funk
Who did Brittany say 'Please,please love me, please.' to when Sue didn't come to work?Funk
What did Rachel say before Finn said 'I love you.'Journey to Regionals
What was Rachel doing before Glee Club? (what she told Mr. Schue)Journey to Regionals

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