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Can you name the these facts of the United States of America?

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Official name
Flag color
Flag color
Flag color
The flag has 13
The flag has 50
Current President
Current Vice President
Chief Justice
Current Secretary of State
Capital City
Largest City
National Anthem
Who wrote the national anthem
Independence from
Official Tree
National bird
Floral emblem
Largest State
Smallest State
Longest River
Largest Lake
First President
Independence Day
Year Declaration of Independence was signed
What year was the constitution written
What are the 1st 10 amendments to the coonsitution called
Highest point in the U.S.
Lowest point in the U.S.
President's home name
President's office name
President's address
Major Political party
Party's symbol
Major politcal party
party's symbol
Number of states
How many original colonies/states
Largest religion
how many time zones
Last city to host Winter Olympics
Last city to host Summer Olympics
Tallest free standing structure
Bordering country to the North
Bordering country to the South
What big event took place between 1861-1865
Who was the 16th president
What year did women gain the right to vote

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