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How much do you know about 1D arrays?

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Declaration of an array called nums that contains int elements:
Initialize nums to have 10 elements
How do you find how many elements are in nums?
Make the first element in nums equal to 5
Use an initializer list to make a new array of the first 5 positive even integers called evens.
What is each position in an array called?
System.out.println(nums[7]); returns
System.out.println(nums[10]); returns
nums = evens; creates a __ to evens
System.out.println(nums[0]); returns
Arrays length is said to be
For an array of objects, calling an index without an element in it will return the exception
Write an for each header to traverse through nums, using variable d
Arrays must store data of the ___ type
An array is stored as a __ reference to represent multiple objects
If I have an array called cage of Dog objects, how can I make cage[0] reference the object at cage[2]?

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