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Forced Order
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LyricsMissing LyricsNumber of Words
Starry, starry1
Paint your pallette3
Look out on a2
with eyes that6
Shadows on the hill6
Catch the breeze and3
in colors on the3
And now I1
what you tried to3
How you suffered for2
How you tried4
They would not1
They did not 2
Perhaps they'll2
Starry, starry1
Flaming flowers that2
Swirling clouds in 2
Reflect in5
Colors changing hue5
Weathered faces3
Are soothed beneath4
And now I understand7
How you suffered3
How you tried4
They would2
They did3
LyricsMissing LyricsNumber of Words
For they could not2
but still your 3
and when no 1
was left in1
on that3
You took your1
As lovers2
but I could have3
this world2
meant for one4
Portraits hung in2
Frameless heads on2
with eyes that3
and can't1
Like the strangers3
The ragged men3
The silver thorn of2
Lie crushed and broken on the2
And now I think I know7
How you4
How you 5
They're not2

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