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Reworded ProverbProverb
Refrain from staring a free equine in the oral cavity.
Refrain from placing your entire ova collection in one typically wicker container.
Avians of a single plume assemble.
Difference is the seasoning of existence.
Hurrying creates rubbish.
A rotating rock accumulates zero peat.
Refrain from placing the buggy in front of the equine.
Reworded ProverbProverb
Wondering ended the life of the feline.
Refrain from enumerating your poultry prior to emergence from eggs.
Exercise your visual faculties prior to executing a jump.
Absence of noise is aurous.
The adoration of cash is the base of entire wickedness.
Visualizing equals having faith.
Hemoglobin is more viscous than H2O.
Reworded ProverbProverb
Allow dozing canines to remain horizontal.
Each fog possesses an argentine border.
The precocious avian acquires the annelid.
Veracity is odder than fantasy.
When in Italy's capital, behave as its residents behave.
You are able to bring an equine to H20, but you are unable to make it imbibe.
The results rationalize the method.

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