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When was Harry born?
What is his favorite color?
What is his favorite TV show?
What is his favorite food?
What boyband was he in?
What other band was he in?
Who did he have a bromance with?
What was their ship name?
What is his favorite song?
What is his middle name?
Who are his parents?
What is his star sign?
How old was he when his parents divorced?
What is his worst habit?
Where did he grow up?
Who is his sister?
What show was he on?
What was his audition song?
What is his twitter username?
What did Harry initially want to study?
Where did he work before the X Factor?
What soccer team does he support?
What is his favorite film genre?
How tall is he?
What is his secret talent?
What is his favorite animal?
What superpower would he want?
His biggest turn off?
What was his first pet called?
What animal was it?
What preschool did he attend?
What does Harry fear?
Who does he want to duet with?
What is his most played song on his ipod?
What school did he attend?
What is his first solo single?
What was his X Factor audition number?
What age was he attacked by a goat?
Whos leg hair did he shave an 'H' into?
What age did he have his first GF?
What is his 1D nickname?
What year did he win the British Style Award?
What language can he speak?
What age was his first kiss?
Where did he meet Louis?
What was his first tattoo?
What is his shoe size?
When did he eat his first twinkie?
Does he prefer tea or coffee?
When was his Carpool Karaoke uploaded with James Corden?
When is his first tour date?
What movie is he in?
When will it be released?
Which X Factor judge did he fancy?
What band is his inspiration?
What was the first song he knew all the words to?
What is his trademark?
What color are his eyes?
What is his favorite drink?
How many nipples does he have?
Who was he dating partially through X Factor?
When does he want to get married?
What does he want to name his first child?
What was his first word?
Did he come up with the name One Direction?
When was one direction formed?
What time?
How many followers does he have on instagram?
How many people is he following?
What was his caption on his first instagram post?

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