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ClueWordDouble Letter
Car manufacturerAA
The remains of a wrecked building, for exampleBB
More depressedDD
Title of a famous Lynyrd Skynyrd song (1 word)EE
VERY expensive spiceFF
To make worse, more serious, or more severeGG
The _____'s Guide to the GalaxyHH
Participial form of the verb relating to a popular winter sportII
A pilgrimage to MeccaJJ
Well-known series of video gamesKK
Verb usually used as a passive verb; means 'to overcome with dismay'LL
Tool used in constructionMM
ClueWordDouble Letter
Synonym for 'Flag'NN
A rude or insensitive personOO
Fell on NewtonPP
To worry, or a common nameRR
To exert influence onSS
A space devoid of matterUU
A small, cheap, usually old automobileVV
Gasoline companyXX
Arabic word literally meaning 'Mister'YY

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