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Can you name the companies given the description of their logos??

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A cartoon of the head of a black bunny
A sphere with 5 horizontal blue stripes
An orange lion lying down to the right of this company's name
A curving-inward diamond that is three-quarters red and one-quarter blue
Three blue vertical lines forming an abstract rendering of an eagle, enclosed by a blue ring
A yellow 'M'
A red check mark with the company's name below
Four silver rings interlocking horizontally
A blue-bordered white square containing a blue diagonal line going from bottom-left to top-right
A circle, the top-left and bottom-right quarters blue and the top-right and bottom-left quarters white, enclosed by a ring with the company's name on the top
Two 'A's, the left red and the right blue, next to each other with an abstract picture of a blue eagle between the letters
A red circle enclosed by a white ring enclosed by a red ring
A white fruit with a bite taken out of it
Three red rhombuses - two horizontal, one vertical - connecting to form most of a triangle
A yellow price tag with the company's name printed on the tag
A circle with a red top half and a blue bottom half separated by a wavy white line
A yellow diamond with a red arrow going from top-left to bottom-right and the company's name on the diamond
Four teal circles on bottom, top, left right; bottom half of top and top half of bottom white and inner part of left and right cut off by top and bottom
Two circles interlocking horizontally, the left one red and the right one yellow with red and yellow stripes where they meet, with the company's name on top of the circles
A red umbrella with the company's name to the left in black text

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