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Can you name the Races of humans mentioned in the Belgariad and Mallorean?

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Snake worshippers
demon worshippers; seven loosely affiliated states form their land
Roving magicians (demon raisers)
Priests of Torak
Don't ask to borrow some money from them
Island dwellers near the Place that Is No More
The World's best archers
They live in caves
The World's best Spies
Protectors of the Orb
A broad term for Zakath's people
Horse People
Their women are perpetually pregnant
The Race that Died
An extinct people; Polgara grieves for them still
They speak in a flowery archaic style
Their first King was a rutabaga farmer
Prophesy readers and keepers of the secrets
Their scarred faces give them away
Most that we meet are searching for gold in the hills
The World's best Sailors
They cried when they met the boy Garath

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