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Can you name the House of Night Characters by their descriptions?

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the vampyre Godess
main character, partial cherokee indian
BAHS's star quarterback, main character's (ex-)boyfriend/consort
self-centered blonde, Prophetess of Nyx
main character's best friend with strong oakie accent
the raven mocker that the red vampyre high priestess Imprinted with
raven mockers' father, fallen warrior of Nyx
Nyx's consort
evil high priestess of the Tulsa HoN who claims to be the Godess Nyx in the flesh
awesome actor, leader of Dark Sons before his Change, main character's (ex-) boyfriend
Zoey's Warrior
Aphrodite's Warrior
the 'Twin' with mocha skin
the 'Twin' with blonde hair
the original gay kid in Zoey's circle
the 2nd gay kid accepted into Zoey's circle
vampire poet lauriate that seduces Zoey in book 3/Neferet's 'boyfriend'
Zoey's Cherokee grandmother
Zoey and Stevie Rae's cat
Aphrodite's cat

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