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her dad went bankrupt
she cant be alone
rich boy
lived in a group home
country girl and steals someones boyfriend
'madame degrassi'
starts a dance crew & wants to be popular
dark & mysterious & drives a hearse
football star
shes kinda a bad girl
makes it to hollywood
works at the dot && had cancer
got shot
football girl
use to cut her arm & worked at the core
Says 'hun' alot
he is gay
when in doubt kiss...
She use to be in someones shadow
wants to open his open car shop& was in jail
works at degrassi
the stepsister of toby
Asperger's Disorder
reliveed his self on someones locker
Geek && plays the flute
parents have a arranged marriage for him
is a girl pretending to be a boy
joined a dance crew and is snotty
got caught with pot brownies
hes a mechanic & gets fake engaged
did drugs and was in a band
moved to kenya
smart kid and lost his bestfriend
crazy kid that shot a student
gave up her kid
was stabbed
has a kid named isabell
lesbian && stipped for money
has a hard time coming out of the closet
bad boy that dates bhandari
degrassi's blogger
grows apart from bestfriend & dates the blogger
shes shy about her dancing
she has rude side remarks
frames a friend for shoplifting
editor at the core
has a daughter isabell & his sister is a football player
saved a students life when they are trapped in the dot
hes a bully and hes on the football team
trys to split degrassi & lakehurts & cheats on someone

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