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Forced Order
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Name of Sydney's fiance in season 1
Actor who played Will Tippin
Vaughn's real name
Who delivered Sydney's baby?
What is the name of the genetic duplicates program?
Who shoots Marshall at the end of season 3?
What church ordains Eric so he can marry Marshall and Carrie?
Where do Sydney and Nadia first meet?
Name one of Irina's sisters
Why did the KGB assign Irina to marry Jack? (What was she to steal)
Who was Francie's boyfriend in season 1?
Who killed Vaughn's father?
How many SD cells are there?
What puzzle could Sydney and her daughter solve?
What organization does Sark work for, the first time we see him?
Who was Vaughn investigating Prophet Five with?
How many kids does Dixon have?
What drug does Sloane have a life-threatening allergy to?
What is The Passenger?
Name one of Vaughn's code names.
What criminal organization did Rachel Gibson first work for?
Whose work is Sloane obsessed with?
Who is Syndney's female arch nemesis?
What job does Vaughn take after Sydney is kidnapped/presumed dead?
What is the name of the bank that SD-6 uses as its cover?

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