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Can you name the terms related to secondary storage and networks?

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The capacity of a communication channel is measured by
Method to reduce the size of a file or program
Removable hard drives are called
The letter that identifies the hard drive
This describes how a network is arranged.
Any device connected to the network is called a
RAM is considered secondary storage: true or false?
A wireless local area network is called a
The rules for how data is exchanged on the Internet it called
Networks with their nodes in close proximity are called
Term for two or more connected computers
Hardware or software used to protect a network
A network strategy where all nodes have equal authority
The time required to retrieve data from a secondary storage device
NOS stands for
What it is called when the hard disk makes contact with the drive's read/write heads
The standard protocol for the Internet is
How much a particular storage medium can hold is called the
This type of storage is nonvolatile
Term for saving data to an optical disc
A network that covers a large geographical area
NIC stands for
Type of storage device made up of pits and lands
Which has a higher capacity: Blu-ray or DVD
Storage that has no moving parts is called:
A computer that shares data and resources with client computers
The device that converts an analog signal into a digital signal

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