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QUIZ: Can you name the privacy, security and ethics terms?

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Examples include iris scanners and fingerprint scanners
An infected computer that can be remotely controlled for malicious purposes
Coding information to make it unreadable except to those who have a key
Computer monitoring software that is installed on your computer to record your keystrokes
A type of virus that fills a computer system with self-replicating information
Software used to search employee's e-mail and computer files
An attack that attempts to slow fown or stop a network by flooding it with requests
Programs designed to detect and remove cookies, web bugs and monitoring software
These cookies record your Internet activities across different sites
A fraudulent or deceptive act designed to trick you into providing personal information
This is a highly detailed and personalized description of individuals and you probably have one
Programs that are designed to secretly record and report your activity on the Internet
An illegal action in which the perpetrator uses special knowledge of computer technology
A security buffer between the internal network and the Internet
Malicious programs are also called
An excess of electricity that can destroy computer components
A program that migrates through operating systems and networks and can be destructive
A program that comes into a computer system disguised as something else
Small pieces of information that are deposited on your hard disk from Web sites you visit
The illegal assumption of someone's identity for the purposes of economic gain
Information people post about themselves online
A list on your computer that includes the locations of sites you have visited

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