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Can you name the database terminology?

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Facts or observations about people, places or things
The actual format and location of data
The meaning, content and context of data
The most basic logical data element; a single letter or number
A group of related characters
A collection of related fields
A collection of related records
An integrated collection of logically related tables
The one distinctive field in a database
A field that uniquely identifies a record
When data is collected over a several hours, days or weeks
When data is processed at the same time the transaction occurs
When data is duplicated and save in multiple files
When data is not accurate among various tables
Software used to create, modify, and gain access to a database
A database where fields or records are structured in nodes
A database where there can be many-to-many relationships
A database where data is stored in related tables
Type of database Access is
A database that uses rows, columns, and multiple dimensions to make a data cube
A database that uses classes, objects, attributes and methods
A method to search a database to find related information and patterns

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