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Can you name the exact debut year of any one show per genre, with guesses +/-2 years being unmined (see instructions)?

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Note: Only the exact debut year shows up as correct. 2 more years on either side are mine-free, 5 more on either side are mined. 1 correct entry clears the whole genre.
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(P)olice Drama
CHiPs - PC 
Dexter - PD 
Hill Street Blues - PH 
NYPD Blue - PN 
Soap (O)pera
General Hospital - OG 
Search for Tomorrow - OT 
Soap - OS 
Ugly Betty - OU 
Doogie Howser, MD - MD 
ER - ME 
Grey's Anatomy - MG 
Marcus Welby, MD - MM 
(T)alent Based
America's Got Talent - TA 
The Gong Show - TG 
It's Showtime at the Apollo (aka Showtime at the Apollo) - TI 
So You Think You Can Dance - TS 
(G)ame Show
Deal or No Deal - GD 
Jeopardy! (with Alex Trebek) - GJ 
Password (aka Password All-Stars) - GP 
$64,000 Question - GQ 
The Carol Burnett Show - VC 
The Ed Sullivan Show (aka, Toast of the Town) - VE 
In Living Color - VI 
Saturday Night Live - VS 
Psych - DP 
Rockford Files - DR 
77 Sunset Strip - DS 
Tenspeed and Brown Shoe - DT 
The Flintstones - AF 
The Simpsons - AM 
SpongeBob SquarePants - AB 
South Park - AP 
SciFi / (F)antasy
Game of Thrones - FG 
The Outer Limits - FO 
The Prisoner - FP 
The X-Files - FX 
(E)ponymous Sitcom
The Bob Newhart Show - EB 
The Cosby Show - EC 
Everybody Loves Raymond - EE 
Seinfeld - ES 
All in the Family - SA 
Cheers - SC 
Friends - SF 
Leave it to Beaver - SL 
The Amazing Race - RA 
Project Runway - RP 
The Real World - RR 
Survivor - RS 

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