Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: The Many Deaths of Rungs 22, 23

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Can you complete the 4-letter word ladder, themed for an actor who can't seem to get through an entire movie without dying?

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Hint4-Letter AnswerRung #
Death Scene: hung by chains in 'Henry ____'1
Caesar's 'I conquered'2
Don Johnson's 'Miami ____'3
Parents to nits4
'___! From New York! It's Saturday Night!'5
Death Scene: stabs himself in
'Tell Me That You ____ Me'
Body of cultural knowledge7
Death Scene: via [Rung 17] in
'Red Riding: The Year of Our ____ 1973'
Animal fat9
Metallica drummer Ulrich10
Potato chip brand11
Howls (at the moon, perhaps)12
Death Scene: via [Rung 17] in 'Essex ____'13
Yells heard at melodramas14
Car's trunk, in Essex15
Chimney fire hazard16
Hint4-Letter AnswerRung #
Death Scene: ____ (pierced by projectiles)
in many, many movies
Tell's partner18
George Bernard ____19
Fake; fraud20
Miner's find21
Featured actor,
(first name)
Featured actor,
(last name)
Yogi or Smokey24
Taste, touch, smell, see, ____25
John in the navy?26
Death Scene: leapt off a cliff to avoid
a stampeding ___ of cattle in 'The Field'
Wish you were ___ : postcard greeting28
Tortoise's racing competitor29
Like the Penny Black stamp30
Death Scene: via [Rung 17] in 'Death ____ 2'31

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