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Can you find the described word which, when one letter is changed to 'c', becomes a word matching the 2nd description?

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The changed letter (in brackets) may be anywhere in the word. Enter either word.
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1st word definitionDescribed words2nd word definition
[A] What Garbo famously wanted to beDolly the sheep, for example
[B] Slangy term for the energy of people, placesSmoking, procrastination, et al.
[C] African nationBit of paper from a punch-out ballot
[D] Youngest Brady girlMajor city in Ohio, familiarly
[E] noncommercial publication, often onlinePredominent metal in a modern US penny
[F] 'He has ____ the coop'Circus comedy guy
[G] Puts on different clothesOpportunities
[H] Shakespeare's KateFastener option
[I] Having or making charged particlesCircles and ellipses are examples of ____ sections
[J] Unites; marriesMetal money
[K] Used the emoticon ;-)Expressed momentary sympathetic pain
[L] Like Wilt 'the Stilt' ChamberlainBottom item on the hardness scale?
[M] 1985 Cher, Stoltz movieContainer (for amontillado, e.g.)
[N] It's used to tie up parcelsOne before thrice
[O] TV classic scifi show 'The ____ Limits'More cherubic
[P] Kick out of schoolSurpass
[Q] Middle East plant with properties similar to cocaFeline
[R] It may be top, bottom, or strangeThe duck says ____
[S] The climb upRegional aspects of pronunciation
[T] British unit of weight equal to 14 poundsBritish baked good, similar to a muffin
[U] Arab marketIt's found between foot and shoe
[V] Take on a different religionWhere 'Free Bird' might be requested
[W] Street salesmanMember of Anonymous
[X] Sends a document over phone linesStops avoiding
[Y] Days of ____ (olden times)It melts in a China syndrome
[Z] 'Chico and the Man' actor Freddie'Purple Rain' star

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