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Can you figure out the spoonerism based on the given sentence? The spoonerism is referenced at the beginning of the sentence and the original word or phrase at the end. Enter the spoonerism for credit.

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Hint SentenceSpoonerismOriginal Word, Phrase
'Damon's presence here is prohibited!'
yelled the Caped Crusader.
The sustained increase in children born to Communists
was found to originate in the sleeping chamber.
'Death to bees!,'
yelled Roger while standing on the board meters above the pool.
Auspicious Japanese fish hanging from a tree branch
mystified the drover.
'Denigrate roosters!,'
said Jim as he took money from the till.
Female pigs wreak havoc
causing some nuns to break their sworn vocal behaviors. *
'My beer stein's empty!,'
yelled the hovering insect.
Sonar pings
were heard as the bridge player played a low card. *
A bier
was imagined by a mentally overwrought person.
The brawl involving bards throwing their instruments
was visible in the burning glow.
Having only cakes to offer,
the bakery released untrue statement after untrue statement. *
'Meal, seal, wheel, ...'
was heard on the P.A. at the exact moment we were there.
Pre-recorded 'Well, I never!' messages
lay nearby the wrist restraints.
People who use beads of sealant to waterproof frog relatives
may be distantly related to Navajos manning radios in WWII.

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