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Can you solve the mini word ladders, and use the resultant title words to determine the mystery writer?

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Note: Because 'the', 'a', 'an' are such common title words, they do not appear in the word ladders, but might show up in the titles.
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.........Ladder◄1►......... ◄3►Letters
8 ounces 
Litter component 
Like some pills or rallies 
Dem. opponent 
First color a culture will name 
Place to sleep 
1972 sequel of 'Willard' 
1980's band '___ At Work' 
Prescription drug, for short 
Afghanistan danger 
Old-style abbr. for Indiana 
How Laurel is related to Hardy? 
.........Ladder◄2►......... ◄4►Letters
Simon flick, 'One Trick ____' 
Nosegay; bouquet 
A Washington paper 
JJ Abrams' hit TV series 
Lean, as a boat 
Breath-freshening plant 
Place to acquire silver 
Small rodents 
Parasites in the hair 
Tatting result 
Treat skin problems, maybe 
Lack of difficulty 
1 of 4 cardinal points 
.........Ladder◄3►......... ◄4►Letters
Biblical site 
12, 4, and 56, e.g. 
Swedish name meaning 'youth' 
Done by needle and thread 
Like harvested grains 
Type of duck feathers 
National Lampoon's parody of sci-fi classic 'Dune' 
'Frasier's Daphne 
1970's fad: ____ rings 
Shape, as clay 
Most malleable metal 
Mickelson's sport 
Error; mistake 
Title 1 (Novel)
Title 2 (Novella)
Title 3 (Novella)
Title 4 (Novella)
Title 5 (Novel)
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