Science Quiz / 3-per Word Ladder: Critters (A-H)

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Can you solve the themed 6-letter word ladder? Each successive rung changes **3 letters** from the previous.

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Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
◉ 'A' Critter related to the
llama & guanaco
Duvall/Leoni sci-fi flick: Deep ____
Cycle power (on a computer)
◉ 'B' Critter related to the
mandrill & macaque
Skewered Afghan treats
Silent Running's
Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Bill Haley & His ____
◉ 'C' Critter related to the
wolf & jackal
Give (largesse)
◉ 'D' Critter related to the
wild ass & onager
It's a Wonderful Life's Mr. Potter, for one
Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
Meddle; alter something
Shakespeare's ____ of the Shrew
◉ 'E' Critter related to the
least weasel & European mink
Hydrocarbon with 2 carbon atoms
Make synonymous (with)
Scold; criticize angrily
Devoid (of)
◉ 'F' Critter related to the
common polecat & Welsh polecat
Meaning of the prefix ex-
◉ 'G' Critter related to the
kangaroo rat & pocket mouse
Used a pogo stick
◉ 'H' Critter related to the
paper wasp & yellowjacket

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