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Can you discover a plot thread of a Schwarzenegger movie in this 6-letter word ladder in which THREE letters change between each rung? (See game note)

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Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
Theater lobby favorites:
____ Milk Balls
Device making fine water droplets
Quarterback's role in a Hail Mary play
Memorized station in the car radio
Mural done on wet plaster
Change from liquid to solid
Area in front of an ice hockey goal
Removes dirt
Goes from 1st to 2nd on the pitch
Purple Heart, Iron Cross, and others
Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
Pink Panther's loot of choice
1968 John Wayne flick:
The Green ____
Meets guests at the front door
Poet Robert and
talk show host David
Ceases to do business
Opposite of more compact
One of the 'M's in HIMYM
Washington Irving's nickname for
New York City
Flotsam's partner

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