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QUIZ: Can you find the NBA Hall-of-Famer by solving the themed 6-letter word ladder when THREE letters change between each rung? (See game note)

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Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
NHL's Calgary ____
Latter's partner
List of players on a team
Liquefied by heat, as lava
'2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar,
All for [your team], stand up and ____!'
Breed of Texas A&M's mascot Reveille IX
Tribe adjective for long ago Scots
Veggie often garnishing Bloody Marys
Give in
Heisman Trophy winner: ____ Griffin III
Wake ____ University Demon Deacons
Father or mother
County equivalent in Louisiana
Word on a sign at the end of a race

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