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Can you list the answers, with the last 2 syllables rhyming between answers, given the hints?

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2 Syllables
Humped cattle of South Asia 
The Stonecutters' answer to the musical question, 'Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?' 
'___ Schneider' (David Bowie song from the album 'Heroes') ... or a German rocket 
Like a negligee 
John Updike's 'Rabbit _____' 
Oooooo, boy, that stinks! 
Opening act to the feature film? 
An alphabet deriving from Aramaic 
Confucius say, '_____ sit on tack, better off.' 
'Merican men's monthly mag 
Common movie theater name, meaning 'jewel' 
Designation of US stealth aircraft first deployed in the Kosovo war 
3 Syllables
Excited commotion (but not a song from South Pacific) 
Initial production company for the original TV Star Trek (aka 'I Love Spock'?) 
The Muppet Show's Dr. Bunsen _____ 
Ricky Nelson sang of saying goodbye to his heart after saying hello to this girl 
Heroine corresponding to the Hardy boys 
Blazers are often this color 

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