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Can you identify these words and names, each having exactly and only 2 'U's as its vowels (after the first letter)?

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Clue [First Letter]Word or Name
Hair color [A]
Cracked wheat, common in
cuisine of the Middle East [B]
One who acts silly to get laughs, or
a song pieced together from other songs [C]
So amazed as to be unable to speak [D]
Male harem assistant [E]
Puffball or mushroom, for example [F]
Meher Baba, to Pete Townshend [G]
Lacking excitement; dreary [H]
Demon in male form,
sometimes known as faun or sylvan [I]
“Did I have but a pipe of stinging tobacco and a ____ of strong waters I'd be content.” [J]
Invasive Asian vine with the nickname
'the vine that ate the South' [K]
Scottish singer and actress, or
'Little' 1930's cartoon character [L]
Clue [First Letter]Word or Name
1884 Republican that supported Cleveland, or
a title for Dumbledore (with Supreme) [M]
Foolish or idiotic person [N]
Mattel game subtitled
'The Game of Verbal Explosions!' [O]
Latin name of the element lead [P]
Cupronickel coins of Saudi Arabia;
Hint: add a 'U' to the singular 'qursh' [Q]
Noisy disturbance; furor [R]
Leftovers after requirements are met [S]
Ballet skirt [T]
Like a liar
[Reminder: 3 'U's total] [U]
'Ad captandum ____'
(Latin for “in order to please the mob”) [V]
_____ , aka _____ Islam, aka Cat Stevens,
aka Steven Demetre Georgiou [Y]
Bantu language of southern Africa, or
letter Z in the NATO pbonetic alphabet [Z]

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