Science Quiz / 3-per Word Ladder: Critters (Q-Z)

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Can you solve the themed 6-letter word ladder? Each successive rung changes **3 letters** from the previous.

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Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
◉ Extinct 'Q' critter related to the
[last rung] & Mooser's horse
Richter scale events
Edith, Archie, or Gloria
____ flush (4 spades then a club, eg)
Influenced; ____ off on
◉ 'R' Critter related to the
Arctic hare & desert cottontail
Singer Gentry ('Ode to Billie Joe')
Unification Church member nickname
◉ 'S' Critter related to the
jellyfish & sea anemone
University of Oklahoma athlete
Caddyshack caddy Danny
◉ 'T' Critter related to the
barbet & woodpecker
Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
Machine lubing device
Houston's NFL team till 1996
Some Anglican parish priests
◉ 'V' Critter related to the
guanaco & llama
Kitchen activity, involving onions, say
Sufficiently clothed for others
Specific point in time
◉ 'W' Critter related to the
koala & wallaby
Reset a computer disk
Internet discussion boards (in Rome?)
1890s World Expo amusement wheel designer
◉ 'Z' Critters related to the
[first rung] & kiangs

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