Science Quiz / 3-per Word Ladder: Critters (I-P)

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Can you solve the themed 6-letter word ladder? Each successive rung changes **3 letters** from the previous.

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Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
◉ 'I' Critter related to the
hartebeest & springbok
Prepare a cadaver for viewing
Crude, coarse (as humor)
Like a dishonest roulette wheel
Cloak's partner
◉ 'J' Critter related to the
leopard & tiger
Salt-cured sturgeon roe
Good-humored; affable
◉ 'K' Critter related to the
grizzly & Alaska brown bear
Word preceding 'function' or 'harm';
not spiritual
Manhattan neighborhood
Consisting of 1s and 0s
◉ 'L' Critter related to the
rattlesnake & Gila monster
Prepared postage for adhesion (old school)
Clue6-Letter RungLetter Patterns of Adjacent Rungs
Like Batman or many a Trick-or-Treater
◉ 'M' Critter related to the
takin & ibex
Sheep meat
It's got mass and takes up space
With 'The', movie featuring Neo & Morpheus
◉ 'N' Critter related to the
porcupine & spiny rat
Escape pursuers on foot
Where to plug in
◉ 'O' Critter related to the
tigrina & Andean mountain cat
One who gives cards or sells cars
'____ of two evils'
Online bulletin board contributor, or
a movie ad
◉ 'P' Critter related to the
wallaby & wombat

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