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Can you provide the missing words and discover the Christmas songs?

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Song #1
'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' author: Edward ____ 
Fictional detective: Sherlock ____ 
Son of early auto industrialist: Edsel ____ 
TV series: 'Everybody Hates ____' 
Former Patriot wide receiver: Randy ____ 
Song #2
Idiom: It's a long row to ____ 
'Silent Night' lyrics: All is ____, all is bright 
Heavyweight champ: Muhammad ____ 
Political interview TV show: ____ the Nation 
Stanley Kubrick movie: ____ Metal Jacket 
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Song #3
'The Deer Hunter' actor: Christopher ____ 
Columbus' ships: ____, Pinta, Santa Maria 
Dachshund nickname: ____ dog 
Kevin Kline movie: 'A Fish Called ____' 
Board game: Candy ____ 
Song #4
Chuck Berry song: 'Johnny B. ____' 
'A Natural Woman' singer: Carole ____ 
Bob Dylan cover: 'Froggie ____ A-Courtin'' 
Talking Heads movie: 'Stop Making ____' 
Broadway play: 'Love, ___, and What I Wore' 
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