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QUIZ: Can you determine the TV show title that might have been written by the Beatles for the plot lines given?

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Plot SummaryShow TitleShow's Fate
After being snubbed by the Academy for his Frodo role, the protagonist flies to Oslo and burns his passport in the transit area, hoping to get new citizenship.
This sitcom follows a spinsters-only musical group; the actor who took over the role of Darrin ('Bewitched') becomes a groupie, follows them around and asks incessant questions.
A hidden camera crew follows around the 'Pillow Talk' actress, trying to distract her while putting low lying objects where she's about to walk.
Sheriff Taylor's in an ongoing domestic battle about whether parts of the homestead should be rented out; the show's title's the last thing an exasperated Andy says each episode.
The life of the Material Girl after receiving a knighthood.
In an avant garde approach, the life of one of the stars of 'Golden Girls' is chronicled by showing a series of still photographs of her life and works.
An account of Ms. Ono's 13th century adventures, as recorded by troubadours of Runnymede.
Danny DeVito plays a highly paid celebrity impersonator, specializing in take-offs of Richard Nixon and Johnny Carson.

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