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Can you name the centrally-positioned-European-country-IOC-coded answers to these Europe related questions ?

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Eurocentric HintFull AnswerFormat of Eurocentric Answer
The European Union flag is primarily this color.•••AL B•••
Roger Fereder is sometimes called the Swiss ____.••EST••
A 1912 London paper featured this new sport/pastime, calling it 'Gofstacle'.•••••TUR• ••••
This Belgian king acquired the Congo Free State.•••POL• ••
This Castilian queen underwrote Colombus' 1492 voyage.•••BEL•• •
This French queen was also mother to Charles IX and Henry III.•••••••NE D•' ••••••
The Caspian is a Eurasian example of this type of geographical feature.•••AND •••
He was a painter & sculptor during the Spanish Renaissance.•• GRE••
He was a Hapsburg court composer, and featured prominently in a movie about Mozart.••LIE••
Said composer wrote a well-received musical comedy in German, Der Rauchfangkehrer, which translates to this.••• •••MNE• •••••
This South Dakota monument was sculpted by Danish-Americans.••••• RUS•••••
Greek myth portrays Pyramus and Thisbe as this kind of lovers.•••• - CRO••••
Eurocentric HintFull AnswerFormat of Eurocentric Answer
This Englishman's works are sometimes attributed to Bacon or Marlowe.••••ESP••••
This well-known French newspaper was established in 1944.•• MON••
This ingredient is part of the Italian dessert tiramisu.••••FIN••••
These might be acquired from the Belgium confectioner Leonidas.•••••LAT• ••••
This African country was administered by France before becoming independent in 1962.••GER••
Once known as the Cannibal Isles, these were administered by Britian until 1970.•••• ISL••••
This is the eldest child of a 1970's TV show referred to as 'Wat een familie' in the Netherlands.•••G BR•••
Poland's 'Orzel bielik', Ukraine's 'Archangel Michael', Russia's 'George the Victorious', and UK's 'Sovereign' are made of this.•••• BUL••••
This Brit started the Scouting movement.•••• ••DEN - ••••••
For Greece, this economic category includes olive oil and feta cheese.••POR••
This British ocean liner was sunk in 1915.•••ITA•••

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