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Can you name the B.A.P, BTOB, BlockB, or Exo?

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What year did B.A.P Debut
How many did B.A.P won trophies for 1004 Angel?
Which member was in Radiostar?
Who's in Dream Team?
Who hates ghost the most in Exo?
Who gets teased a lot?
According to the Exo's showtime, what's Kris's famous line?
How many members in Exo jumped into a cold sea water?
Who were they?
Who likes to carry Tigger plushie around?
Who's left handed in B.A.P?
Who created Cutie Player?
Name Main Rapper.
Name main dancer.
Name Main Vocal
Who's the cooker in B.A.P?
Which member is shy in Camera?
Which member got hit with a plastic hammer in weekly idol?
Who's in charge of laundry?
Who do you want to see collaboration between groups?
Who sang Daehyun's part in 1004 Angel?
Guess the member who I like most from Block B.
Guess the member who I like most from B.A.P
Guess the member who I like most from BtoB
Guess the member who I like most from Exo
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