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Vertical info transfer is parent-offspring, horizontal is peer-peer. What is oblique transfer?
What is it called when the sun is closest to the equator?
Majority of global vegetation patterns can be explained by distance from sun, spin of Earth, and ______.
In what direction do the tradewinds near the equator blow?
What is the most important factor that defines tropic seasons?
Type in a keyword about the thermohaline current.
Areas where deep water rises are home to successful fisheries. What are these areas called?
What is/are necessary in order to create a rainshadow effect?
In adiabatic cooling, what happens to the warm, moist air?
Aquatic zones are explained primarily by what 'characteristic' of plants?
Where do the tradewinds carry sediments from the Bodeli Depression in Africa to?
What does the equation: ∆N= N_t (b-d)∆t represent?
What does the equation: dN/dt=rN(1- N/k) represent?
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As body size increases, would you expect the innate rate of population growth to increase or decline?
In a densely populated area, would you expect high or low amounts of competition?
Go look up the Allee effect and explain it to yourself, ok?
Which niche is a subset of the other: fundamental niche or realized niche? (which one is smaller)
What is it called when niches among species largely overlap, and one species drives out the other?
Name one cost of large body size.
Name one cost of small body size.
Which biomass is larger, autotrophs or heterotrophs?
What two animals were given as an example of direct interaction?
Succession is how communities change over time. What is one example of primary succession?
Secondary succession?
Review the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis.

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