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Identify the work of art by the artist and style.

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Title of WorkArtistStyle
St. Peter's Plan (Greek)
Portinari Altarpiece
Merode Altarpiece
Vitruvian Man
Dome of Florence Cathedral
School of Athens
Four Apostles
The Small Cowper Madonna
Birth of Venus
Gates of Paradise
San Lorenzo
The Ambassadors
Ghent Altarpiece
Expulsion from the Garden
Battle of the Nudes
Villa Rotunda (Vicenza)
St. Peter's Plan (Latin)
Medici Tombs
Creation of Adam
Garden of Earthly Delights
Isenheim Altarpiece
Return of the Hunters
Title of WorkArtistStyle
Last Supper, 1592
January and February, Tres Riche Heures du Duc de Berry
Pastoral Concert
Camera Picta
Last Supper
Burial of Count Orgaz
San Giorgio Maggiore (Venice)
Sistine Ceiling
Palazzo Medici
Pesaro Madonna
Tribute Money
Four Horsemen of the Apocalpyse
Deposition (1435)
Delivery of the Keys of St. Peter
Feast in the House of Levi
Virgin of the Rocks
Adam and Eve
Arnolfini Double Portrait
Venus of Urbino
Sacrifice of Issac panel
David (1446)
The Tempest

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