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Shakespeare: This tragic king has 3 daughters & a court fool
5-Letter Words: The opposide of 'credit,' it's also another word for an ATM card
Chemistry: Deuterium is a heavy isotope of this element
African American History: This escaped slave led hundreds of others to freedom & was called the 'Moses of her people'
Senators: Charles Schumer & Kirsten Gillibrand are senators serving this states
State Capitals: Named for a 19th century German chancellor, it was founded as a railway terminus
The Bible: 13 books of the Bible are attributed to this apostle
Newspapers: The Times-Picayune is a newspaper based in this city
Women Authors: She wrote The Hunger Games & also co-wrote the screenplay for the movie based on it
Awards: 5 of the 6 Nobel Prizes are awarded in this city
Marvel Madness: Voiced by Bradley Cooper, this pint-sized furball pilots a spaceship known as the Benatar
Monarchs: This 15th century king of Castile & Aragon was known as 'The Catholic'
Rhyme Time: Counterfeit currency is sometimes called by this rhyming term
Bestsellers: Tara Westover traces her journey from rural Idaho to BYU & Harvard in this memoir
Rivers: The Nile is longer, but this second-longest river in Africa carries more water
Biology: The smallest blood cells are these disk-shaped structures that trigger clotting & coagulation
Classical Music: He composed great waltzes like 'Tales from the Vienna Woods'
Transportation: In 2012 this company began building Superchargers in the U.S. and Europe to power its cars
Music: Lil Nas X experienced some serious success on this title path in 2019
World Literature: In this Alexandre Dumas novel, a sailor is falsely imprisoned in the Chateau d'If near Marseilles
European Geography: The Basques live in the foothills of these mountains on the border of France & Spain
World Leaders: Recep Erdogan has been president of this country since 2014
Poetry: This American poet called bees 'buccaneers of buzz' in her Poem No. 1405
Walls: Fenway Park is home to this famous wall that tops out at 37 feet
Ancient Egypt: This Egyptian god of the sun was considered the father of the pharaohs
Sayings: An old proverb states that 'if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with' these
The Theater: Hedda Gabler is the antiheroine of a play by this man
Anatomy: The 2 bones of the lower leg are the tibia & this outer one
International Law: More than 180 countries coordinate with this crime-fighting force based in Lyon, France
Valleys: The Willamette River Valley is the agricultural heart of this U.S. state
Ballet: This 1913 Stravinsky ballet includes a vision fo a pagan ritual of rebirth
Video Games: In 2019 the teen known as 'Bugha' took home a $3 million prize in the World Cup for this game
Fashion: These stylish twins who started off as actresses have fashion lines like 'The Row'
Russian History: This cruel guy was the first man proclaimed as czar
Biographies: A biography of this 19th century woman is subtitled Daring to Vote
Organizations: Founded in 1881, this organization responds to over 60,000 disasters big & small each year
Before & After: Covering a rope pulling contest is this fearless combat zone reporter
Fast Food: Crunchwraps & chalupas are favorites at this place
Physics: The first shell around a nucelus can have a maximum of this many electrons
Statues: This Rodin statue is known as Le Penseur in French
Binge-worthy TV: 'The Battle of Starcourt' was the finale of season 3 of this Netflix show
The 1960s: Spiro Agnew had been the governor of Maryland before becoming this man's vice president
The Constitution: This amendment protects 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms'
On the Border: It's the only U.S. state that borders only one other state
Nonfiction: Roots author Alex Haley helped write The Autobiography of this Muslim Black Nationalist
American Composers: This African-American composer was known as 'The King of Ragtime'
Zoology: On rare occasions this arctic cetacean can grow 2 spiral tusks
Parts of Speech: This part of speech comes from the Latin for 'join together'
Thrillers: In this novel, Sherlock Holmes investigates a story about a large, scary dog haunting the moors
Oscars: This funny guy won an Oscar for his script for Get Out

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