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Poetry: In 'Sailing to' this place, Yeats says, 'An aged man is but a paltry thing'
Verbs: This road sign word means to give the right-of-way to another driver or to a pedestrian
Anatomy: This largest internal organ filters poisons
Famous African Americans: He served under George W. Bush as Secretary of State
Food & Drink: The Fiddlehead type of this plant is good sauteed
International Geography: Afghanistan & Pakistan are on the eastern border of this nation
Historical Novels: The title royal in Alexandre Dumas' The Queen's Necklace is this French queen
Business & Industry: Cadillac & Buick are owned by this automotive corporation
Artists: Moulin Rouge--La Goulue was an 1891 poster by this man
Colleges & Universities: A bulldog, Handsome Dan is the mascot for this Connecticut Ivy League school
The Grammys: This late British singer won a 2017 Best Rock Song Grammy for 'Blackstar'
Chinese History: This 1900 rebellion in northern China killed hundreds of foreigners
7-Letter Words: This word for a giant sea wave comes from the Japanese
Shakespeare's First Lines: In Twelfth Night Duke Orsino says, 'If music be the food of love,' do this
Rivers: The Trocadero is on the right bank of this river
Astronomy: This constellation is also known as the scales
In the Bible: This book details the liberation of the people of Israel from the slavery of Egypt
Inventors: The Clermont was a steamboat designed by this man
Primetime TV: Jack & Rebecca Pearson raise 3 kids in the 1980s on this NBC drama
The Theater: This play by Arthur Miller is set during the Salem witch trials
Natural Wonders: El Capitan rises in this national park
Transportation: This 6-letter European company competes with Boeing in airplane production
Gods & Goddesses: Ceres is the Roman equivalent of this Greek goddess of agriculture
Newspapers: The People's Daily & the People's Liberation Army Daily serve this Asian country
World Leaders: In 2016 she became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Let's Speak Latin: Pax is Latin for this
Fictional Characters: Thackeray created ambtitious Becky Sharp in this 1848 novel
The Periodic Table: The symbol for this element is K
Advertising Tag Lines: This snack brand: 'Once you pop, you can't stop'
World Capitals: It's the capital of Argentina
Math: Name of the symbol that indicates a root, be it square or cube
Blockbuster Films: In sequels, Reloaded & Revolutions followed the title of this 1999 film
The Supreme Court: He replaced Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court
Ancient Greece: In the 4th century B.C., he founded a school of philosophy known as The Academy
Epic Poems: It's Edmund Spenser's most famous work
Health & Medicine: Cataracts develop when this part of the eye becomes clouded
Cliches: 'Get out of' this place refers to a sometimes lawless cattle city founded in 1872
Recreation: A 40 x 95 yard field & a Frisbee are essentials for this sport
Geology: The hardening of molten material from deep within Earth forms this one of the 3 main types of rock
Composers: In 1930 this American wrote the music for 'I Got Rhythm'
Holidays: Zawadi, a Swahili word meaning 'gift', is a symbol of this annual event
19th Century History: 'Remember the Maine' was a slogan of this war
Architects: Taliesin West in Arizona is the home to this architect's foundation
Canadian Provinces: Ottawa is in this province
Websites About Books: 65 million members have rated books on this website founded in 2007 by Elizabeth & Otis Chandler
Mythology: He was the trickster in the Norse pantheon
Scientific Classification: In taxonomy, it comes between class & family
In the Dictionary: It's the holiday-themed term for a hidden bonus in a film or computer game
American Authors: Truman Capote wrote about the murder of a Kansas family in this 1965 novel
On Broadway: 'All That Jazz' & 'Mister Cellophane' are songs from this long-running musical

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