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What Dennis and Dee's grandpa was
'Take off my bra, blast the nips'
Character who had a heart attack
Who pooped the bed
The name of Dee's 'fiance'
Mac's merchandising invention
Drinking competition the gang was banned from for 10 years
Charlie's favorite food
Charlie's pet peeve
Dee's high school nickname
What the gang drinks out of a can
Letter D in the D.E.N.N.I.S. system
Word Charlie uses to prove to the lawyer he knows the English language
The name of Dennis' made-up doctor
Mac's mobster nickname
Priest turned street rat
One fruit Charlie has never tried
The age of Charlie's fiance, Sun Li
Tape Dee plays on the road trip
Frank's boxing nickname
'What's up bitches'
Dee's online chat name
Character who looks like Wendell (except for the jawline, in his opinion)
Name of the garbage pail cousin
Charlie's patented invention
Frank's idea for a new business
Frank's bang maid
Dee's rapper boyfriend
'Big fat stick in the mud' with a drinking problem
Charlie's musical

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