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What company has locations at 9th & Nicollet; Lake & Hiawatha; and 18th Ave NE & New Brighton Boulevard?
What company has locations at Aldrich Ave N & Broadway Ave and Lake & Minnehaha?
Further West at Lake St: Humboldt Ave or Hennepin Ave?
What is the K in the alphabetical set of avenues?
Lowry Avenue is ____ of Lowry Hill. [North or South]
Further North: Plymouth Ave or Glenwood Ave?
___ Ave is the Northern border of NE Minneapolis.
___ Ave is interrupted for a block by K-Mart.
True/False: Washburn High School is on Washburn Avenue.
The only public high school East of the Mississippi is _____ High.
The largest park in Minneapolis is ____.
Minnehaha Creek runs through the _____ edge of Lake Harriet. [Southern/Northern]
Town Hall Brewery, Republic, Bullwinkle's, the Corner Bar, Chipotle, and Kuik-E-Mart are all located on the West Bank's _ _____ area.
______ Avenue is the only road that runs uninterrupted from Minneapolis's southern border to its northern border.

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